SMC forms part of the AMGC to advance innovation

SMC's sales and marketing director James McKew.

SMC has joined the list of companies that form part of the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC), in a move that the company says intends to help Australian manufacturers in their transition to advanced manufacturing.

James McKew, sales and marketing director from SMC– Australia and New Zealand said that the collaboration is a natural fit.

“The industry is growing and changing, and SMC plays a key role in fast-tracking these changes through its innovation efforts,” he said.

“Belonging to the AMGC is an honour and we are passionate about what the AMGC stands for. Driven by its mandate and by combining the powers of top companies, we believe that significant advancements are already underway. We are invested in the sector and in our country.” James said.

As leaders in automation, SMC invests approximately 6 per cent of its turnover back into R&D and its robust range looks to meet every automation challenge.

Up to $1.6 trillion is at stake in the global innovation race. Australia looks to it manufacturers to advance innovation, unlock new opportunities and accelerate the economy.

There is a growing demand for advanced manufacturers in the country and market-leading companies, in particular – play a key role thanks to their substantial investment into R&D and the use of their resources and power to create the break-throughs needed. Today, it’s about adding value at every stage within the global supply chain to constantly remain competitive.

While it may surprise some, the scope is almost infinite and seizing opportunities requires immense resources. Here, collaboration between industry enterprises and the scientific and research community looks to create further opportunities.

The Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre is an industry-led, non-profit organisation which looks to support and develop Australia’s advanced manufacturing sector.

Belonging to this industry body means that a company is committed to development in the sector – both as a company and through collaboration; it earmarks the ground-breaking innovators who are set to drive the advancements needed.


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