Slim possibility of majority government: expert

There is still the possibility, however slight, of the Coalition winning a majority in the lower house and forming government, according to ABC election analyst Antony Green.

The ABC reports Green as projecting the Malcolm Turnbull-led Coalition winning at least 73 seats and possibly 76. Predictions for the seats of Grey and Petrie were updated last night as LNP and Liberal wins last night.

“I think they can get to 76,” Green told the ABC.

“Seventy-three is a definite, 74 is also likely, 75 is possible, 76 is less possible.”

“It’s still either a very, very narrow Coalition majority or hung parliament. The Coalition will have more seats than Labor.”

The uncertainty, as vote counting continues following Saturday’s poll, is bad for confidence, numerous business leaders have commented.

Meanwhile, economist Dr Andrew Charlton – a former adviser to ex-prime minister Kevin Rudd – has said whoever forms government will inherit some of the toughest external conditions in nearly two decades.

Global growth was “diabolically low”, with China’s industrialisation no longer benefiting Australia like it once was. Australia’s economy was already in recession by some measures, he said.

“In terms of the income side of the economy, Australia has already experienced a number of negative quarters of growth which amount to a recession,” Charlton told the ABC.