Slice’s innovative safety knives reduce lacerations and keep hands safer

What if there were a cutting tool that featured a unique blade—safe enough to touch—to help reduce lacerations? What if that blade lasted up to 11 times longer than a steel blade? And how about if the tool featured an ergonomic design to help reduce hand and forearm fatigue and repetitive strain injuries?

Slice innovative cutting tools feature a patent-pending blade design that’s finger-friendly: you can literally touch the blade edge. Slice makes the only true safety blade, which makes every Slice cutting tool a safety knife. Slice blades are made of 100 percent zirconium oxide, an advanced ceramic which is extremely hard. This inherent hardness, along with our proprietary blade design, results in exceptional blade longevity.

Traditional blades, whether made from metal or ceramic, are excessively sharpened by their manufacturers. This practice is a workaround designed to increase blade longevity: metal is a relatively soft material that dulls quickly. Dangerous oversharpening extends the life of a metal blade but puts the user at risk. And because this unnecessary level of sharpness has become an industry standard, manufacturers of traditional ceramic blades mimic the overly sharp traditional design.

Slice studied what level of sharpness is required to cut materials in order to create an effective and finger-friendly blade. Our blades start at an effective sharpness and stay there for a long time. For added safety, Slice tools ship with rounded-tip blades installed in our many utility knife and box cutter models.

Slice safety blades also feature these properties:

  • Never rust
  • Non-magnetic
  • Non-conductive
  • Non-sparking
  • Chemically inert
  • Oil and lubricant free        

Safer Handle Design

Slice handle design focuses on ergonomics and reducing blade exposure. Ergonomically designed tools allow for natural, efficient movement, which is why they reduce muscle fatigue as well as overuse injuries and strains. Slice’s innovations in ergonomics have resulted in designs you won’t find anywhere else.

Slice offers blade retraction for many of our cutting tool models to reduce blade exposure. All of our utility knives and box cutters are available with manual retraction or auto-retraction. For our 10558 Utility Knife, Slice offers smart retraction. With this design, the blade remains exposed only if two conditions are met: the user engages the slider and the blade is in contact with the cutting material. That is, if there’s no pressure on the blade, it will retract, even if the slider is still engaged. The Slice line of tools features a wide selection of options to fit many different industrial workplace needs and preferences:

  • Reinforced-nylon utility knives
  • Metal-handle utility knives
  • Folding utility knife
  • Non-surgical scalpels
  • Pen cutters
  • Mini cutters
  • Carton cutters
  • Box cutters
  • Long-bladed industrial knives
  • Scissors
  • Craft knives

The model you choose, as well as whether you use a rounded-tip, pointed-tip, or serrated blade, depends on the types of tasks you need to perform and the level of safety required.

Slice Industrial Customer Success Stories

Slice safety efforts work. We regularly hear from industrial customers that using Slice tools reduces injuries, keeping workers safer. In fact, over half of the Fortune 1000 companies use Slice in their efforts to improve workplace safety. Several companies have tested Slice cutting tools and reported their success stories back to us, companies including International Paper, NBCUniversal, Gillette, Flowserve, Intertape Polymer Group (IPG), and Hollingsworth. We hear again and again that the frequency of lacerations decreases after workers switch to using Slice tools.

Always Improving Safety

Slice is continuously searching for ways to improve the safety of cutting and scraping tools; we listen to our customers’ needs and design for the real world. Our investment in workplace safety extends to our workplace safety blog, where we provide information and resources for workers and safety management about improving safety in the workplace.

Author bio:

TJ Scimone is the founder of Slice, Inc. Since 2008, Slice has designed and  manufactured innovative cutting and scraping tools. All Slice tools are ergonomic and feature finger-friendly blades.

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