Sinodinos: Australians should accept that industries die out

Australian industry minister Arthur Sinodinos has said that Australians should accept that businesses and industries including manufacturers die and will be replaced, according to AFR.

Sinodinos told the Newcastle Herald in an earlier interview that “Once they went through that grieving process they put their heads down and got on with it.”

The senator said that he did not express “any regret” that the Abbott government had ended car subsidies to Holden, Ford and Toyota to make cars in Adelaide, Melbourne and Geelong.

“I haven’t heard consumers complaining about changes to the car market,” he said. “There is quite an array of cars for sale.”

Experts have said that Sinodinos’ role will be to put into practice the National Science and Innovation Agenda to help build industries to replace car manufacturing. They include the tax breaks, which can encourage businesses to innovate, the university research and industry collaboration and changing of the rules to make it easier for start-ups to do business with the government.

Sinodinos has previously said that he is very confident about opportunities for high value manufacturing in Australia.

“I repudiate Labor’s policies, which will result in additional costs to Australian consumers and our great export industries, which face vigorous overseas competition. We want to build confident and outward-looking Australian businesses that generate jobs and give us more control over our economic destiny,” Sinodinos said.

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