SICK LifeTime Services providing intelligent support for the entire lifecycle of sensors and solutions

Safety is a priority in all industrial environments with company managements investing in the latest technologies to keep their workers, machines and processes safe while maximising production availability.

One company has been continuously supporting industries worldwide for decades by providing a comprehensive range of sensor and automation solutions designed to cost-effectively and reliably maintain a safe environment at various workplaces from factory floors to logistics and distribution centres.

World-leading sensor technology specialist SICK has consistently introduced a series of innovations including sensors, safety systems, analysers and identification solutions for factory automation, process automation and logistics automation applications. These innovations have contributed to preventing injury to workers from accidents, safely controlling processes, eliminating risk of damage to equipment, maintaining compliance with applicable regulations and standards, and ensuring continued business success for their clients.

Having pioneered a long line of industry firsts in sensor technologies, SICK continues to innovate with the latest service-based solution designed to provide timely and professional support to clients throughout the lifecycle of SICK products installed in their facilities anywhere in the world.

SICK LifeTime Services

Designed to extend comprehensive expertise to their clients from a single source, SICK LifeTime Services provide high quality intelligent services to complement and enhance their sensor products and solutions in an application environment. SICK’s latest service innovation encompasses a broad-ranging scope from application consultation, product selection, round-the-clock troubleshooting and downtime minimisation to technology upgrades, operator training and professional development.

SICK LifeTime Services will support the entire lifecycle of SICK products, ensuring clients benefit from the company’s technical competence and knowledge built on decades of experience. Ranging from simple product support to integrated system solutions, and from product-independent consulting to traditional product services, SICK LifeTime Services will deliver the assurance of a sustainable safety environment along with improved process efficiencies, optimised production flow, enhanced machine availability and reduced downtime.

Scope of SICK LifeTime Services

Consulting and Design

Clients can benefit from SICK’s expertise right from the concept phase so that product selection is based on due risk assessment of the process environment and aligned with current compliance requirements. The scope of service will cover selection, design and commissioning of appropriate products, to providing machine-specific analyses and design concepts.

Product and System Support

SICK LifeTime Services will support the client through product selection and commissioning to post-installation troubleshooting, ensuring both equipment and SICK solutions are always ready for operation. SICK’s technical experts are available round-the-clock with support delivered via phone, remote assistance or on-site, assisting with quick fault rectification and maximising machine availability.

Verification and Optimisation

Regular inspections carried out by SICK experts will ensure systems are operated safely, responsibly and productively while adhering to regulatory requirements. Verification and optimisation services will help guarantee the safety, reliability and performance of the equipment, minimising operator errors and machine downtime.

Upgrade and Retrofits

SICK LifeTime Services will extend the benefits of the latest advances in sensing, monitoring and identification technologies to clients, facilitating quick and easy integration into existing applications and ensuring long service life for the equipment with increased system efficiency. Through timely upgrades and retrofits, clients get the advantage of state-of-the-art technologies that are not only compliant but also cost-effective.

Training and Education

Seminars and training courses organised regularly by SICK will ensure continuous professional development of operators through targeted and relevant information about products and solutions. Alongside practical tips for optimising applications, SICK’s skilled trainers will also educate course participants about requirements and standards beyond the products.

Learn more about SICK LifeTime Services on this short video, or download this useful guide for a more detailed perspective.

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