Shoal Group and Lockheed Martin to deliver military satcom system

Shoal Group

David Ball, Space regional director, Lockheed Martin Australia and Shaun Wilson, founder and head of Business Development, Shoal Group. Image: Shoal Group.

Lockheed Martin Australia has announced that Shoal Group, a model-based systems engineering company, will be part of its JP9102 team with the aim to deliver a next-generation military satellite communications (MILSATCOM) system. 

The teaming reinforces Lockheed Martin’s long-standing commitment to develop Australia’s space industry, now formally designated by Defence as a Sovereign Industrial Capability Priority. 

Lockheed Martin Australia’s JP9102 solution is uniquely designed for operational superiority over current systems in the industry. It delivers unparalleled coverage, capacity and resilience, as well as extensibility on an expedited schedule to meet Defence’s strategic and capability requirements for satellite communications.  

With deep experience across many of Defence’s biggest and most complex capability acquisition and sustainment projects, Adelaide-based Shoal Group will provide critical expertise to Lockheed Martin Australia’s JP9102 solution in each stage of the project. 

“As a sovereign capability partner on various Defence programs, Lockheed Martin Australia has long recognised that Shoal Group punches above its weight in the complex world of model-based system engineering,” Lockheed Martin Australia Space regional director David Ball said. 

“This teaming agreement combines Shoal Group’s expertise and Lockheed Martin Australia’s optimal solution for a resilient, operationally superior military satellite system.” 

Shoal Group brings its expertise in using digital design tools and analytics, which will help minimise risks and maximise schedule assurance. 

“This teaming builds on Lockheed Martin’s proven record of superior military satellite communications solutions and will ensure the development of a sovereign MILSATCOM system that will be defined by its resilience and operational superiority,” Ball said. 

Early risk mitigation activities have been underway since mid-2020 and have so far included capability definition, proposal development, systems design, integration management and supply chain strategy development. 

Shoal Group’s longer-term follow-on support to Lockheed Martin Australia for JP9102 will encompass work on the development of systems engineering modelling and management, key project reviews, milestones and modelling, simulation and analysis. 

“Our partnership with Lockheed Martin Australia reflects the trust, respect and complementary skillsets needed on a project of this scale and importance,” Shoal Group founder and head of Business Development Shaun Wilson said. 

“It builds on a legacy of successful multi-domain cooperation in everything from undersea warfare to Integrated Air and Missile Defence and now space-based communications. 

“Shoal Group specialises in engineering solutions for complex systems and by partnering with Lockheed Martin Australia in the delivery of a ‘world’s best’ sovereign satellite communications system we see the exponential potential for our business in terms of space systems capability development and long-term growth.”