Shedding skin protection prejudices

David Dart* examines how skincare and protection is being embraced in Australia, particularly by men.

David Dart* examines how skincare and protection is being embraced in Australia, particularly by men.

ALMOST half of all outdoor workers don’t protect their skin from the sun, despite being aware of the dangers of sun damage, according to Australian skincare provider, Hamilton Laboratories.

The Australian sun is one of the harshest in the world and people who are regularly exposed to it need to properly protect themselves.

When asked, workers said they knew they were at risk of skin cancer, but this was not reflected in their prevention practises – such as wearing protective clothing and crucially, regularly applying sunscreen.

This is akin to not wearing a seatbelt when driving a car every day. Sooner or later, it will catch up with you and could have devastating results.

In the past, it had been difficult to encourage labourers, particularly men, to develop a skincare regime but in Australia there is now a marked increase in the number of people using emollient creams.

Outdoor workers who find it inconvenient to reapply sunscreen throughout the day should consider Hamilton’s Quadblock and Optimal sunscreen products.

The Optimal Range actively works against the damaging effects of UV exposure on skin as well as providing high level sun protection.

The product has been designed to protect skin against UVA, UVB, UVC and infrared radiation and has extremely high water and sweat resistance capabilities, making it ideal for extreme outdoor exposure.

As with all sunscreens, they should be reapplied throughout the day, but these products offer a more specific and longer lasting level of protection.

In addition to sun protection, labourers who work with harsh chemicals and oils throughout the day, such as mechanics and builders, should take skincare a step further.

Regular exposure to harsh chemicals and oils can irritate the skin and cause a severe drying effect which can lead to a range of other, often painful, skin conditions.

In line with this, Hamilton has developed a range of emollients and barrier creams which are ideal for protecting and replenishing moisture in calloused, dry and sensitive skin.

* David Dart is Director of Marketing and Sales at Hamilton. For more information phone 08 8223 2957or visit