Sharing capabilities the way forward for water SMEs

Australian manufacturers developing technology for the water sector are known internationally for being among the most innovative in the world, and local firms will now have access to a new Industry Capability Team to help make these ideas reality.

A report released yesterday from ACA Research and waterAUSTRALIA called Water Industry Capability Report shows Australian companies working in this sector have made their mark.

The report shows that our companies – which are operating in one of the driest countries in the world – are particularly innovative when it comes to water management, distribution and efficiency.

The report’s release coincides with a new government initiative to bring together these innovative Australian water companies and the previously-appointed Water Supplier Advocate, Bob Herbert, to form Industry Capability Teams.

These Industry Capability Teams are designed to bring together like-minded Australian manufacturers to develop technologies for the local and overseas markets.

These companies will work with the Water Supplier Advocate to identify new customers and business opportunities in the sector.

By joining a Capability Team, Australian firms can benefit from joint marketing, collaborative bids for larger projects and increased exposure to domestic and international customers through the skills and assistance of a Supplier Advocate.

 “The aim is for team members to increase sales and better promote Australian products, technologies and services, ultimately making our water and clean technology industries more competitive,” said Herbert.

Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr said the Water Industry Capability Report shows that there are over 25,000 people employed in the water sector in Australia, turning over $4.2 billion annually.

The report surveyed 430 Australian water firms, including manufacturers, technical support service providers, consultants, irrigators and infrastructure operators, about their capabilities and future growth plans.

 “The Australian water industry has a well-deserved international reputation for infrastructure delivery, innovative technologies and access to clean, high quality water – even in extreme drought and flood,” said Senator Carr.

“This report shows us where the strengths of the sector are. It will help industry increase access to domestic supply chains and develop innovative capabilities.”

The Report was developed to highlight the diversity of Australia’s water sector and the breadth of capabilities available for growth.

It also identifies areas where Australia has a significant competitive advantage, as well as shedding light on barriers to growth faced by companies operating in the country.

The new Industry Capability Network, formed of these supplier companies, will use the survey results to help them on their journey to become more competitive.

The Report can be viewed here.

Companies can register for the water and clean technologies Capability Teams here.