Shapeways unveils new 3D printing material

3D printing service company Shapeways has announced a six-week trial of a new flexible plastic, which offers new possibilities to adopters of the technology.

Previously, ABS plastic has been the only material offered to Makers, the name given to the subculture of people using 3D printing and other technologies to create their own products.

CNET and others report that increased possibilities are available with this new material, such as the ability to print objects including shoes, furniture joints and rubber mats.

Shapeways prints on behalf of Makers, based on the users’ files. Elasto Plastic is being offered for a six-week period. The company says the material is low on detail and smoothness, but strong and flexible.

“Elasto Plastic is an experimental material, and although we’re very excited about its capabilities, the quality is not ready for broader use,” said Shapeways, which will decide at the end of the trial if it will develop the material and offer it permanently.

“So for the time being, Elasto Plastic is offered only as a “Maker Material” – meaning, anyone can order models they have uploaded themselves, but it will not be sold in Shapeways Shops.”

The trial ends on July 9, and the objects made from Elasto Plastic cost $US1.75 per cubic centimetre, plus handling and shipping costs.



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