Shadow industry minister says carbon tax ads are ‘a bit rich’

Shadow minister for Innovation, Industry & Science, Sophie Mirabella, claims the national advertising campaign featuring celebrities urging Australians to ‘say yes’ to the carbon tax is “a bit rich”.

“It’s a bit rich for millionaire entertainers to tell hard working manufacturers what they should blindly accept,” Mirabella told Manufacturers’ Monthly.

A national advertising campaign launched this week will use 140 celebrities, scientists and sportsmen to push a ‘pro carbon tax’ agenda to the Australian public.

The campaign has been put together by a group of unions and environmental groups, supporting the Gillard Government’s proposed carbon tax.

According to Mirabella, Australia’s manufacturing community will be deeply affected by a carbon tax.

“The consensus of the 1 million Australians employed in manufacturing are my priority,” she told MM.

The campaign kicked-off on Sunday night on national TV with ads featuring Cate Blanchett and Michael Caton, both urging the country to “say yes” to the carbon tax.

Both actors have been slammed in the press, claiming that the cashed-up actors could not imagine how the tax will hit the back pockets of ordinary Australians. 

The first of the national TV ads can be viewed here:


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Do you think the ads will have any effect on the views of Australians when it comes to the carbon tax?

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