SFL 1XL Blow Moulder for XL PET Containers

SIPA, a maker of Packaging and PET Plastics Machinery, have extended their SFL range with the SFL 1XL blow moulding machine, designed for the production of PET bottles from 15 – 30 Litres.

The machine is recommended for the production of returnable containers and has a production rate of 250-300 bottles per hour. It can produce a wide range of containers with neck finishes up to 93mm. It can also produce up to 700 stackable / one-way containers per hour.

Preforms are discharged in bulk from the hopper to the elevator belt, where they are unscrambled to align them with the neck finish upwards. They are then picked up by the loading cup that inserts them into the spindle and transfers them to the oven, with 16 infrared heating lamps on one side and vertical slots on the other.

The stretch and blowing phase is completed with a toggle blowing press with pneumatic compensation and the axial stretching is carried out via a servo driven stretching rod that provides a high level of repeatability and consistency. After the bottle has been blown, the mould opens and the bottle is evacuated by a linear transfer system electronically synchronized to the blowing press movement.

The SFL machine has an Air Recovery System (ARS) which recovers the air exhausted from each blowing cavity into a machine embedded air vessel, re-distributing it for other plant areas where applicable.

SIPA are represented in Oceania by HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies.

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