Setec celebrates 45 years of Australian manufacturing

Setec, a designer and manufacturer of power solutions which began life in a family garage, is this year celebrating 45 years of operation.

From humble beginnings in 1968 the company, which was known as Scientific Electronics until 1986, has continued on and is now a fixture in the custom power solutions industry.

This was no accident, as company founders Peter and Jill Lloyd’s ambition and focus on engineering and manufacturing resulted in quality products. In fact, it was Peter Lloyd’s decision to leave a secure job at CSIRO in late 1972 that represented the first turning point for Setec.

“It was very brave for a 24 year-old, to leave his safe job and start his own company, but Peter’s boundless energy and love for his work was unstoppable. Even in his spare time he often tinkered with televisions and electrical applications,” said Jill.

The decision paid off and, within 20 years, Setec was shipping over $1 million worth of power supplies. The family-owned company made a significant turnover of $2.2 million in the 1984/1985 financial year.

Setec was growing rapidly both as a local and internationally known business, and won contracts with major international companies including Fujitsu, Alcatel, Ellex and Jayco before the turn of the new millennium.

Today, Setec employs over 70 people.

According to CEO David Bayliss, Setec believes in Australian manufacturing and supporting staff on a local level.

“The fact that Setec is an Australian-owned company and has an animated, dedicated workplace contributes greatly to the company’s forward-thinking in the industry,” he said.

This year, Setec launched the BM PRO range of charging and battery management products, specifically designed for the RV market. These devices are currently being shipped locally and globally. 

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