Senator tired of “bullshit” creates Manufacturing and Farming Party

Senator John Madigan has applied to register a new political party, citing a
current lack of focus on the importance of manufacturing and farming in the
national economy.

Fairfax yesterday broke the news that Madigan, who quit the DLP last September, had
announced he was sick and tired of the major parties’ “spin and bullshit.” The
name of his new party, said Madigan, reflected his major concerns since joining
the Senate.

must again recognise that our farmers and manufacturers are the backbone of our
economy,” The Australian reports him as saying.

these two sectors, this country would grind to a halt.”

According to the application Madigan lodged with the Australian Electoral Commission, his
party will focus on issues including truth in labelling and
faulty/non-compliant imported building products.

“People are frustrated about what’s going on in Canberra,”
Madigan said.

“They are frustrated about the lack of focus and the leadership
arguments and the sense of unreality that exists in Parliament. They are
frustrated by the spin and bullshit.”

Madigan, a former blacksmith and boilermaker, is now the third cross-bencher
since December to announce they will form their own party, following Jacqui
Lambie and Nick Xenophon.

Victorian Senator was also one of the Senators behind the Australian
Manufacturing and Farming Program.

His maiden
speech included the claim that, “A
country is what a country makes. The great economies of the world have strong
manufacturing sectors.”

Image: News Corp Australia

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