Secure Success from the Inside, Out

Proven Solutions for Solving Industry’s Biggest Challenges

“What could be the most prevalent challenge in today’s manufacturing world?”

If you ask this question to a range of design engineers of any product, their answers would probably be; design with innovations, improved efficiency, high level quality control, or excellent performance with high profitability.

In order to combat these challenges, businesses are actively seeking pioneering solutions that allow them to maintain an intense commitment to innovation while managing risk and failure. An immediate way of doing this is by reducing manufacturing costs by identifying new design and assembly solutions that are reliable, safe and efficient.

With industry under pressure to be more competitive in every way, manufacturers have got to start at square 1 – ensuring they are using the necessary products at the design stage to hold their products together from the inside at a structural level, instead of waiting for issues to arise on the outside.

Designed and developed to do exactly this, Henkel adhesives and sealants improve performance, mitigate risk, and can be a critical success factor when performance matters – which let’s face it – is absolutely crucial to business success, profitability and the bottom line.

Instead of using traditional joining methods such as welding, rivets or other mechanical fasteners, the advantages of using Henkel structural, instant and machinery adhesives include, but are not limited to: improved durability, appearance and reliability, increased strength and efficiency, corrosion protection, cost reduction and even distribution of stress.

Henkel is a one-stop-shop for manufacturers. Their well-known brands such as LOCTITE, TEROSON, TECHNOMELT offer solutions in the following applications:

  • Mechanical fittings: Loctite threadlockers, thread sealant, instant adhesives, retaining compound and gasket sealants.  
  • Panel laminating for small and large panels such as trucks and trailers: Two component polyurethane Loctite UK 8101
  • Panel laminating for small to medium panels such as caravans and RVs: One component polyurethane Loctite UR 7221, Loctite UR 7220 and Loctite UR 7225.
  • Panel laminating for fastest curing and high throughput on small to medium sized panels: polyurethane reactive hot melts Technomelt PUR913A and Technomelt PUR834A.
  • Flexible bonding & sealing: Flexible adhesives and sealants Teroson MS 939 & Teroson 9320.
  • Structural bonding for strong bonds on smaller areas: Loctite H8000 and Loctite Speed Bond H4800.
  • Surface treatment solution before bonding: Loctite primers and activators active inactive surfaces and speeds cure time. They retard corrosion on metals and provide surfaces that is more receivable to adhesives and coatings. 

No matter what the extreme conditions may be, manufacturers can depend on Henkel high performance products to secure success – as they have proven solutions for some of industry’s biggest challenges, including those explored within some of Henkel’s industry video success stories.  

For more information on the complete range of Henkel adhesives and sealants solutions for manufacturers, click here.