Seaco Global Australia marks strong position in Australia

Container leasing company Seaco has continued to strengthen its presence both in Australia and worldwide since its amalgamation with Cronos Containers.

In January 2015, HNA controlled Bohai Leasing Co of China acquired Cronos Containers and subsequently integrated the container leasing activities into Seaco Global.

The company’s Australian team has been focussed on building the Seaco/HNA brand while developing new business relationships throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Regional vice president for Oceania and Americas, Peter Folkard, welcomed the company’s collaboration with Sydney-based Container Rotation Systems (RCS).

“We are delighted to be working in association with CRS due to the compatibility and capability of their automatic lid lifting and container rotation system compatible with our Half Height containers,” he said.

“These are very exciting times for Seaco Global Australia and we are looking forward to developing projects in other locations worldwide.”

The Australian teams’ success has been supported by access to a global leasing fleet and portfolio of equipment including general purpose containers, ISO bulk liquid, powder & gas tanks, refrigerated and temperature controlled units and specialised container types (suitable for bulk items).

The company provides containers for a range of industries including mining, oil & gas agriculture & Farming, construction, defence, food, government, logistics, manufacturing, and waste.

In addition to a wide range of equipment, the Australian based container leasing team offers flexible domestic or international leasing options to suit individual customer requirements for long-term, short-term, master lease, spot-lease, one-way lease, finance lease and lease purchase options; including Damage Protection Packages (DPP).

Seaco Global has relationships with global carriers for equipment positioning and restocking of various standard and specialised container types.

The Australian team can also offer specific equipment designated for sale in ‘as is’ or ‘cargo worthy’ condition, with a network of engineers able to undertake additional upgrades, modifications and conversions to suit customer specifications.

Seaco Global Australia has also launched the new website