Seabin to reshore manufacturing to Brisbane

Photo: Seabin

Australian manufacturers of the ocean cleaning “Seabin” will be reshoring the manufacture of their “Seabin 6.0” from France to Brisbane from June 2020.

“We are extremely excited to begin the process of bringing both our IP and manufacturing to Australia in June this year,” Seabin co-founder and CEO, Pete Ceglinski, said.

“Manufacturing will now only be a 2-hour drive away, allowing our team to become hands-on in the design and development process.”

The Seabin collects trash, oil, fuel and detergents, and is a revolution in ocean cleaning technology, helping to create cleaner oceans with healthier marine life.

Seabin has partnered with Evolve Group to re-engineer, develop, manufacture and produce the next tech Seabin 6.0, enabling a reduction in offshore products, reduced supply chain and lower overall carbon emissions.

It will be manufactured using a cutting-edge injection moulding technology. This will see the removal of 70% of the stainless-steel currently used in Seabin construction, which will then be replaced by Netplus (recycled fishing nets).

“Evolve Group has already become a trusted partner in the development of Seabin 6.0 and the switch to injection moulding enables us to build a far superior and smarter product using recycled plastics with far less steel structure,” Ceglinski said.

The move to injection moulding will also enable Seabin 6.0 to be equipped with sensor technology and digital monitoring systems to constantly analyse and monitor not only what debris is entering the Seabins, but also water temperature, PH levels and more.

The Seabin 6.0 is predicted to be manufactured using 100% recycled fishing nets for the main body, as a first step to becoming a closed-loop product in the near future.

Seabin has also engaged upcycling start-up Bureo, in California, who specialise in swapping out virgin plastics for recycled plastics in the form of recycled fishing nets known as Netplus.

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