Schneider launches first variable speed drive with embedded services for industrial applications

Global energy management specialist Schneider Electric has released a
new range of variable speed drives for process applications.

Schneider Electric’s Altivar Process is the first variable speed drive on
the market with embedded intelligent services for industrial applications
across water, oil and gas, mining, metals and minerals, and food and beverage
industries, enabling business and process optimisation through improved
lifecycle asset management and optimised energy consumption.

Vice President of Schneider Electric’s Industry Business Australia, Philippe
Rambach explains that services-oriented drives go beyond the average drive
functions to control the motor and the application, and are capable of
delivering services to customers that boost their entire business. Built into
their architecture, the services-oriented drive optimises business performance,
overall equipment efficiency, and total cost of ownership.

He adds that the Altivar Process is a good example of the impact that
the Internet of Things has on the industrial world.

Optimised business performance

Altivar Process ensures that applications are performing at optimum
efficiency at all times through advanced system and equipment condition
monitoring. Altivar Process delivers an additional eight per cent cost
reduction over conventional drives thanks to its ability to instantly detect
efficiency drifts and monitor motor power accurately, enabling the automation
system to immediately make adjustments, and minimise any negative impact on the
performance. Altivar Process also reduces downtime by another 20 per cent due
to predictive, condition-based maintenance and an innovative user interface
with easy-to-understand graphs.

Process visibility and real-time

Altivar Process provides process visibility and transparent access to
enriched data by fully integrating both architecture and business systems at
both the factory and asset levels. Embedded Ethernet and advanced web servers
provide consistent, secure and seamless access to this information with the embedded
web server also allowing users to select specific information to view and
store. Altivar Process also facilitates continuous and automatic monitoring of key
performance indicators and alarms, alerting operators to any performance
anomaly and enabling them to take preventive action to maintain optimum process
efficiency and profitability.

Unique design reduces

Altivar Process drives are compact, modular and flexible, designed to fit
any application and simple to install and integrate in new installations,
retrofits or upgrades. Designed for critical applications, the drive is uniquely
engineered and integrates process, grid and installation into a complete
solution that reduces maintenance requirements and total cost of ownership. The
compact, modular and low weight design of the drives also simplifies spare
parts inventory and reduces repair time.

Schneider Electric also enables easy access to technical documentation,
support and diagnostic information for operators on their mobile devices, further
simplifying maintenance, enhancing troubleshooting, and reducing downtime. Dynamic
Quick Response (QR) codes are generated for error messages to enable instant
access to comprehensive support information and efficiently solve issues right
on site, while QR codes printed directly on the drives provide instant access
to customer care centres and online troubleshooting support.

Green drive from beginning to
end of life

The green credentials of the Altivar Process drives continue even after its
useful life, since 70 per cent of its component parts can be recycled. Altivar
process drives carry the Green Premium label, Schneider Electric’s unique
eco-brand signifying products that meet the European RoHS directive and REACH