Schneider Electric launches new switchboard system

Schneider Electric

Manufactured in Australia, the PrismaSeT switchboard is a complete system level architecture adapted to meet Australian requirements.

The announcement is a boost for local manufacturing, with the sheet metal for the next generation PrismaSeT made in Australia.

Schneider said a state-of-the-art modular design not only helps optimise the switchboard footprint and ease scalability, PrismaSeT also achieves superior operational safety standards through comprehensive testing and validation, thereby complying with AS/NZS 61439.1&2 standard.

The switchboard has fire safety features using innovative PowerLogic HeatTag sensors for early detection of overheating wire connections or cables.

Farokh Ghadially, Vice President, Power Solutions, for Schneider Electric said the active low-voltage switchboard is an industry-first product that now includes built-in cloud connectivity, providing instant access to intelligent alarming, energy usage analysis, trends, and preventative maintenance plans.

“With this launch, we are reaffirming Schneider’s commitment to provide open, simple to deploy digital solutions to drive sustainability and efficiency, enabling industry-wide collaboration and partnerships in the new electric world. Products like this are key to helping strengthen our partners’ position in the realm of connected solutions, and drive industry innovation,” he explained.

“The robust solution increases efficiency at every level and provides peace of mind for Schneider Electric’s switchboard builder partners, electrical contractors, facility managers, and end users. PrismaSeT is available Australia-wide through a network of certified switchboard builders who are comprehensively trained and onboarded before being appointed by Schneider Electric.”

Key benefits of the PrismaSeT system to switchboard builder partners include:

  • Detailed training and onboarding roadmap with access to a dedicated partner portal that includes design and assembly guidelines, busbar drawings, quality practices, and other detailed product information
  • EasyPrisma: a software tool to carry out compliant switchboard designs, create general arrangement layouts, sheet metal bill-of-material, and switchboard costings
  • Sheet metal parts are manufactured in Australia, ensuring faster lead times
  • Fire prevention modules that can analyse gas and particles in the switchboard and alert before any smoke or insulator browning occurs
  • Simplified connectivity modules providing energy usage analysis and performance tracking
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