Schneider Electric brings Ethernet connectivity to electrical distribution systems

Schneider Electric has announced a new range of smart devices, Enerlin’X, which foster connectivity and reliability for efficient energy, network and asset management systems.

 Founded on Schneider Electric’s energy management principle of ‘measure, connect, and save’, the new Enerlin’X range addresses the growing needs of Australian customers to have detailed visibility and insight into what is happening in their facilities to comply with green standards, by keeping a close eye on their energy consumption and operating costs.

“The new EnerlinX range is key to enabling a world of connectivity and data in the electrical space. It has local and remote monitoring capability and allows for real time information and structured data from electrical systems to be used to make informed decisions for maximum efficiency,” said Hastak Shah, Product Manager, Schneider Electric.

“The emergence of this kind of connectivity and data as a result of the Internet of Things (IoT), allows our customers to make smarter, faster decisions and create new revenue streams”.

The Enerlin’X range of products are designed to be plug-and-play, simple to install, and easy to configure and maintain. Enerlin’X extends Ethernet communication across the entire electrical distribution system from Air Circuit Breakers all the way down to the smallest Miniature Circuit Breakers.

“Enerlin’X devices can be used as a part of scalable architecture, which means they can be used in any application from a small commercial building to a complex data centre or even large residential or commercial complexes such as a hospital” said Hastak Shah.

“The Enerlin’X range will allow our partners to specify, install and commission projects which will reduce total material cost, allow faster delivery of results and increase profitability.”  

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