Schneider Electric appoints Mauro DelleMonache as new Industry Director

Schneider Electric, the global leader in energy management and automation has named Mauro DelleMonache as their new Industry Director for Australia.

Mauro will head Schneider Electric’s automation product offer, as part of Schneider Electric’s overall automation efficiency solutions.

Mauro joins Schneider Electric after almost 20 years with Rockwell Automation, where he held roles across the areas of engineering, sales and marketing, including leadership positions in Canada, and more recently in Australia. His experience positions him well for this new role at Schneider Electric, which will open up new segments for him to work in.

“I am passionate about the field I work in, and this move to Schneider Electric is an exciting opportunity to expand my knowledge across new segments,” Mauro said. “I am very much looking forward to the diversity the new role will bring.”

Mauro says that he will be working with Schneider Electric customers to help them unlock the information that is currently being gathered by many of their industrial systems. “Our customers have been creating information for years within their factories, mines and sites. This information is becoming much more valuable for our customers as they analyse trends to help them become more efficient and productive.”

“The Internet of Things is an evolving space in our industry and Schneider Electric is a leader in the development of intelligent and cost effective devices and platforms to bring value to customers. Our products and solutions can help business owners gain efficiencies and create greater knowledge and understanding of their business. They can also provide OEMs and System Integrators with a cost advantage and value proposition in a very competitive environment. The number of these devices will only grow, and I look forward to working with our customers to implement these Schneider Electric technologies into their business.”

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