Satellite data SME signs on with Australian Space Agency

The Australian Space Agency has announced that it has signed a statement of strategic intent with Australian satellite data start-up Myriota.

Myriota provides internet of things (IoT) data connectivity via low Earth orbit satellite, to allow local and international industries to obtain sensor and location data.

According to deputy head of the Australian Space Agency, Anthony Murfett, this partnership highlights the evolving nature of the Australian space industry.

“This statement embodies the transformation we are witnessing in the space industry both here in Australia and around the world – it demonstrates that businesses of all sizes can make a significant contribution to Australia’s space industry,” said Murfett.

With its applications designed for use in the wider agricultural, mining and manufacturing sectors, Myriota is emblematic of the kinds of uses that space enterprises can pursue.

“Myriota is a global leader in nanosatellite IoT connectivity, and their use of nanosatellite technology is used to solve issues affecting everyday Australians, including water and agricultural management in regional Australia,” said Murfett.

According to CEO and co-founder of Myriota, Dr Alex Grant, the development of the Australian Space Agency and its support of commercial businesses comes at a critical time for terrestrial businesses.

“The establishment of the Australian Space Agency comes at a time when nanosatellites and IoT are helping to solve major issues that have long plagued Australian businesses, such as manual water monitoring in regional Australia,” said Grant.

Myriota highlighted that inadequate water supply offence 30 per cent of Australia’s stock of 25 million head of cattle. With farmers currently relying on inconsistent cellular coverage, reliable and low cost satellite data could allow for better management of cattle stock.

Myriota plans to increase its satellites by 25 and expand to 50 employees by 2022.

Other applications of Myriota’s data could be in military operations, where satellites can analyse a battlefield and alert those on the ground to the presence of harmful chemicals.

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