Satellite communications company commits to local services

The latest statement of strategic intent and cooperation signed by the Australian Space Agency secures the nascent space organisation’s satellite services.

Partnering with Speedcast International Ltd (Speedcast), the agreement will enable the government agency to continue to support the growth of Australia’s space sector.

Speedcast is an Australian-based company which operates and supports a global satellite network for the benefit of businesses and government agencies.

As part of the agreement, Speedcast will allow local space industry players to engage with their global supply chain, in order to expand the local space sector.

To date, Speedcast has provided satellite communication services to the Australian Antarctic program as well as other remote or high-risk operations.

“We acknowledge the investment Speedcast is making in the Australian space sector, through the export of Australia’s satellite intellectual property and research and development to new areas,” said Dr Megan Clark, head of the Australian Space Agency.

The operational expertise that Speedcast is offering the Australian space sector will not only allow space-focussed manufacturers to expand their possibilities, but allow terrestrial manufacturers to advance their communicative ability, particularly those in remote areas.

“This ground-breaking space initiative builds on our long history of providing connectivity services to emerging markets and will advance global communications while driving economic growth opportunities in new regions,” said CEO of Speedcast, Pierre-Jean Beylier.

With the adoption of Australian-made, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)-enabled, advanced manufactured products by the agricultural industry in Australia hampered by issues of internet connectivity, utilising Speedcast’s technology could allow greater adoption of IIoT.

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