Sanofi to be Queensland’s first softgel capsule manufacturer

International pharmaceutical company, Sanofi is set to become Queensland’s first manufacturer of softgel capsules for vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements.

The company’s $14.2 million expansion at its Virginia operations will see the company make improvements to its manufacturing, quality control and R&D operations in Queensland to take advantage of the reportedly booming global soft gelatin market.

Capsules are fast becoming the preferred method of medication not only in Australia but across the Asia-Pacific, according to Queensland Treasurer and Minister for State Development and Trade Andrew Fraser.

The expansion is expected to make Sanofi’s Brisbane plant the doorway to the Asia-Pacific and international capsule market.

The company will make further investments in its brands, which include Nature’s Own and Cenovis, said managing director for Australia and New Zealand Jean Monin.

Monin said that Queensland Government’s support for life sciences and its drive to attract investment was a reason behind the company’s decision to develop its Queensland base.