Samsung faces lawsuit over working conditions in Brazil

The government of Brazil has filed a lawsuit against Samsung, claiming that workers at the company’s Manaus plant are subjected to poor working conditions.

AP reports that Samsung has been accused of exposing employees to risks of illnesses due to intense, repetitive work. Prosecutors are suing the company for 250 million reals ($108 million).

Samsung responded to the legal action by saying in a statement, "Once we receive the complaint in question, we will conduct a thorough review and fully cooperate with the Brazilian authorities. We take great care to provide a workplace environment that assures the highest industry standards of health, safety, and welfare for our employees across the world."

Manaus, the capital city of the northern Brazilian state of Amazonas is the location of the factory where the audit was carried out. It is Samsung’s largest factory worldwide and it employs 6,000 workers.  Smartphones and other electronic goods are produced at the plant.

According to the Ministry of Labor, employees at the plant work up to 15 hours a day, including 10 hours on their feet, sometimes for 27 days straight. In addition, they perform three times more movements per minute than what is considered safe by ergonomic studies.

In 2011, Samsung was prosecuted over poor working conditions in Brazil and paid a settlement of about $200,000.

In April, Samsung admitted to using tin sourced from unregulated mining on Bangka Island in Indonesian in the manufacture of its Smartphones.