Sage launches new HQ at Tonsley

picture courtesy of Sage

Sage celebrated more than 20 years of business success with the launching its new corporate headquarters and Advanced Manufacturing Facility at the Tonsley Innovation Precinct.

Speaking at the launch event, Premier of South Australia Jay Weatherill said Sage’s story showed that change is underway.

“In light of Friday’s closure of Holden and the end of the car industry that once was operating right here where we’re standing, the story of Sage is both compelling and timey,” Weatherill said.

“Sage Automation started with work in the automotive sector. Today it shares its expertise in industries as prominent as defence, infrastructure, utilities, manufacturing and resources.”

Sage managing director Andrew Downs said the automotive industry has left a lasting legacy for the company.

“But we owe our success largely to diversifying the business and refocusing our efforts on winning new work when automotive was in decline,” Downs said.

“We’ve leveraged on the knowledge and skills we gained in automotive and applied them to new and exciting technologies.”

Technologies like the control systems used in the electronic lane use system on the Sydney Harbor Bridge, delivering next components for our naval shipbuilding industry through the NSAG and connective data solutions needed in new industries like driverless cars.

Sage group CEO Adrian Fahey said it was involved in some ground breaking projects this year.

“Our strategic relationship with the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure and the Addinsight System is helping us transform the transport industry and the way that data is collected,” Fahey said. “This solution is being rolled out nationally and is expected to roll out internationally as well.”

“We’re also partnering with autonomous vehicle manufacturers and shortly we hope to be announcing a strategic project that we’ll be involved in there.”

Fahey said there was an increasing appetite from businesses globally for digital technology solutions. And in a strategic move to service this market, Sage merged with digital transformation and data consultancy Nukon in 2016.

Meanwhile the relocation to Tonsley has allowed Sage to transform its Advanced Manufacturing Facility and achieve Industry 4.0 classification.

Mr Fahey says the next 12 months will be focused on “going global”, with plans to establish an office in the US as well as expand Sage’s training offering internationally.

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