SAGE Group launches TilliT, a new IoT and SaaS business

SAGE Group

TilliT chief executive officer, James Balzary and SAGE Group managing director and chief executive officer, Adrian Fahey.

SAGE Group, a specialist industrial technology services provider, is launching the TilliT technology business. This forms part of a strategic expansion to deliver Software as a Service (SaaS) and associated IoT hardware solutions for customers across the broader manufacturing industry. 

This is an exciting step in SAGE Group’s strategy that meets continued demand for agile software solutions and lightweight sensors, in accelerating the transition to Industry 4.0. 

“SAGE continues to invest in the evolution of our offering to clients, operating across the sectors that are shaping the world, to accelerate their digitalisation journey,” SAGE Group managing director and CEO Adrian Fahey said. 

“TilliT will be a standalone organisation within the SAGE Group, bringing together two existing software products – TilliT Digital Operations and the Ailytic AI Scheduler – to enable us to continue focus on the development of smart manufacturing solutions.” 

TilliT Digital Manufacturing Operations platform 

The TilliT SaaS and IoT solution is a powerful, yet simple digital factory suite that is tailored to manufacturers of all sizes. It provides an integrated way to plan, execute and analyse manufacturing processes orchestrating people, machines, material and tasks. 

It provides visibility of asset and manufacturing line performance, directs the execution of events and orchestrates activities necessary to manufacture any type of finished good. It also handles quality checks, production scheduling and digital workflow, with a focus on real time visibility. 

TilliT was incubated within Nukon, a consulting company in the group. This drove the development of a new approach to digitalising production processes and removing paper from the shop floor, which generated positive feedback. 

Nukon founders and key architects Alec Konynenberg and Rafael Amaral have grasped firsthand the challenges that face manufacturers looking to increase efficiency, reduce costs and optimise operations. Nukon remains a key implementation partner with TilliT and represents the first of many distribution and implementation partners TilliT is targeting globally. 

Amaral will move across to TilliT as chief technology officer and drive an accelerated roadmap to build on the current released tech platform.  

Ailytic to sit within the new TilliT business 

SAGE also recently acquired Adelaide-based AI software company, Ailytic. The Ailytic AI Scheduler is a modern, flexible and powerful tool for optimising detailed schedules in food and beverage, plastics, steel manufacture, electronics and other discrete industries. The tool is already used by a range of Australian and international manufacturers. 

Ailytic founder James Balzary, will be chief executive officer for the TilliT business. 

“This is an exciting step for the team which will allow us to enter new markets, build new channel relationships and ultimately service current and future clients with and expanding portfolio of innovative software technologies,” Balzary said. 

“The newly expanded TilliT platform can operate standalone between the ERP and the Machine Control layer to digitalise the operation or co-exist with existing tools in place, due to its flexibility and ease of deployment as a cloud solution.” 

As the teams merge to action this expanded offering, there will be no disruptions for Ailytic and TilliT customers. 

IoT and AI enabled technologies such as TilliT are crucial to enable smart decision making, protect manufacturing profitability and deliver the opportunity for all manufacturers to thrive on a global stage. 

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