Safety infrastructure advancements for concrete testing

Analysing concrete’s integrity and hardness will help to determine the longevity of its infrastructure. Ultimately, the sounder the integrity is, the safer that infrastructure will be over its lifetime.

The Matest Test Hammer is an advanced digital concrete Test Hammer, used to evaluate on site compression resistance and uniformity. Its ‘rebound method’ is in addition to Kennards Hire Test & Measure’s already extensive NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) category. The rebound hammers are used to perform tests on concrete structures and buildings, continually providing information of its compressive strength.

The Matest Test Hammer is portable, highly accurate and high in resolution. The microprocessor unit consists of the standard mechanical model C380, but is equipped with an electronic transducer that measures the rebound values and supplies automatically the results on a graphic display.

The data is downloadable (software included), and the instrument is NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) calibrated, which reinforces its ability and accuracy. The Matest Test Hammer continuously and automatically records all parameters in accordance with EN 12504-2 specifications, before registering and processing data and transferring it to a PC.

The Matest Test Hammer meets the industry standards of construction, consulting, engineering, precast and concrete companies, insurance, bridgework, remedial and mining.


·        60 hour battery life

·        Data transfer software and USB cable

·        Carrying case

·        Automatic statistical processing and readings

·        Compressive in psi, N/mm2, kg/cm2

·        Graphic Display LCD 64×124


·        Product Code: 1050519

·        Dimensions: 300x50x50 mm

·        Dimensions With Case: 330x180x120 mm

·        Weight: 3kg

·        Power: 6 x AA NiMh 2000mA Batteries

·        Interface: RS232

·        Operating Temp: -10°C +60°C


The Matest Test Hammer comes with data transfer software, data transfer cable RS232, battery charger, abrasive stone and carrying case.