Safety a top priority at 2012 Endeavour Awards

MANUFACTURERS have got it tough. Not only are they struggling with the high Australian dollar, but rising electricity prices, a looming carbon tax, intense international competition and a skills crisis are all doing their bit to make the sector work that much harder to stay in shape.

“Manufacturing is suffering incredible competition from many areas and manufacturers have to differentiate themselves from these competing sectors to attract investment, skilled people and to show reliability and quality of their products and their production,” SICK managing director, David Duncan, told Manufacturers’ Monthly.

The 2012 Manufacturers’ Monthly Endeavour Awards – to be held on Wednesday 9 May during National Manufacturing Week 2012 in Sydney – will reward those companies and individuals that stand out from the crowd. 

The Safety Scheme of the Year Award, sponsored by SICK, will showcase Australian manufacturers that have used safety in the workplace and supply chain, for workers and equipment, to gain that competitive edge.

“Best Practice Safety Schemes enhance and increase productivity, provide a safe and secure working environment for people and demonstrate reliable quality process throughout production and the supply of goods and services. Having effective efficient safety schemes send a clear message to staff and customers about the quality of the manufacturing company,” said Duncan.

Duncan and SICK have been supporting the Safety Scheme of the Year Award at the Endeavour Awards for nine years. For Duncan, industry awards programs are a crucial means to showcase Australian ingenuity and encourage companies to collaborate.

“Award programs recognise industry and best practice innovations by companies that strive to be the best. Additionally they contribute an overall bench mark and show the leaders in innovative thinking and can shape the future of an industry sector,” he said.

Companies that enter the 2012 Endeavour Awards will be able to show that they have reduced complexity, while increasing safety and productivity – which is always a driver for innovation. 

Duncan says flexible safety technology and also complete safety solutions are in demand from suppliers at the moment. Safety scanners are also becoming popular.

“The ability to provide non-contact safety zones that enable flexible entry and exit areas for production equipment but identify entry into the hazardous areas by personnel is demonstrating the clear benefits of this innovative technology,” he said.

To enter the 9th Annual Manufacturers’ Monthly Endeavour Awards, download an entry kit from our website. If you want to sponsor a category in 2012, contact Michael Northcott on 0448 077 247 or email

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