Safer hammer handles

The Mumme Family has been producing forged hand tools in South Australia for three generations and is Australia’s leading forged hand tool manufacturer. 

As part of the company’s strategy to continually improve its products, especially when it comes to safety, Mumme Tools has developed fibreglass hammer handles. 

Previously, the company pinned its hammer heads through the fibreglass core, which gave warning when the bond was broken, as the head may have been loose but wouldn’t come off. 

However, if the hammer was used after this point, then there was risk of the pin eventually wearing through the fibreglass, and the head flying off potentially causing injury.

Seeking a safer solution, the company’s research and development team designed an improved and safer handle for its extensive range of hammers.

A hardened and tempered roll pin secures the hammer head to the 20mm flat steel rod running the length of the handle. This means that should the head and handle begin to separate, the pin secures the head and although it may wobble (indicating it should be replaced) it will not actually come off.

Rigorous in-house testing on one of Mumme Tools normalised hammers has shown that even after 750 heavy blows, the head still won’t come loose. At this point the normalised hammer head has mushroomed and is ready to be replaced. 

This testing has given the company the confidence to use these handles across its entire range including steel sledges, normalised hammers, copper hammers, brass hammers, club hammers, drill hammers, claw hammers, and ball pein hammers, replacing our existing handle styles. 

This change in handle will still be fitted in compliance with the Australian standard.

On the sledge-style handles (800mm – 900mm in length) Mumme Tools will also place a caution message just below the head, to ensure users are aware of the potential for hand injuries if hands are placed in that area when striking.

Another safety addition to the company’s new handle range is a lanyard hole in the base of the handle. On all styles, but particularly on larger hammer sizes this will enable a heavy hammer to be secured on site when not in use. 

For example, in can be fastened to railings or scaffolding at heights to ensure it is not accidentally knocked or kicked over the edge and won’t land on someone walking below. 

On smaller hammer styles this will also enable them to be connected with a lanyard to the user’s belt to prevent them being accidentally dropped or thrown, whilst swinging or striking.

Mumme Tools will introduce this lanyard hole to all suitable products, not just hammer handles as the company continues to innovate and create improvements to its range. 

With Mumme Products Normalised Hammer range already a proven safer product specified across many industries, this new handle innovation will just increase the safety advantages of this range. 

Normalising is the processes applied to hardened steel products to lower the hardness of the product.

The lowering of the hardness will result in a product that is less likely to chip when striking other hardened objects such as pins, shackles. A chip from a hardened steel hammer can come off at high speed with potentially grave, even fatal consequences. 

Even if a chip is generated from a normalised hammer, it will come off at a much slower and safer speed and trajectory, making normalised hammers the obvious choice for a safer worksite.

Since its inception in 1936, the Mumme brand has maintained its commitment to providing quality manufactured tools that “do their job”.

Mumme Products tools are now exclusively specified for use in many mine sites, councils, defence and other industry contracts, and used by builders, tradespeople and DIYers.

Mumme Products hammers with the new handle style will be released to the marketplace in the near future. Please contact your local Blackwoods branch for further updates. 

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