SA Workcover CEO resigns

WorkCover’s CEO in South Australia, Rob Thomson, has resigned.

Thomson has resigned immediately for personal reasons, the ABC news reports.

The Opposition said the resignation will create more problems for the organisation.

Opposition finance spokesman Rob Lucas said WorkCover's latest financial results are expected to show a further deterioration.

According to Lucas "there are major problems clearly between the Government, the minister, the board, and the management of WorkCover."

The government doesn't want to accept responsibility and blame itself and so it blames either the board or the management of WorkCover for the problems, Lucas said in a statement.

Lucas stated that "we also understand that the latest actuarial results for the period ended the 30th of June should now have been received by the board, and the minister is probably aware of those results as well, and our understanding is they're likely to see a further deterioration in the financial position of WorkCover."

WorkCover said it will not reveal the time remaining on his contract because of confidential reasons.

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