SA taxpayer funding will help Adelaide boot maker march on

Rossi Boots

Adelaide-based manufacturer Rossi Boots is set to receive a further cash injection to boost it export programme.

The elastic-sided boot maker will receive another $250,000 from South Australian (SA) taxpayers, ABC News has reported.

The figure will be matched by Rossi, which received a $50,000 SA Government grant two years ago after missing out on a “key defence contract” in 2014.

“We are very pleased to be partnering with a 107-year-old South Australian company to upgrade their facilities to take Rossi into the next era of manufacturing,” said SA acting premier Kyam Maher.

“We are keen wherever there’s a business who has an ambition and an ability to expand, to help protect jobs, to help create jobs, to create particularly export opportunities, we will where we can as a Government support those industries.”

The money will go towards a new IT platform, website and 24/7 customer service centre to service online and wholesale customers in North America, China and the UK.

Rossi, which experience a 112 per cent increase in exports last year, currently employs about 80 people at its Hilton factory.

“This particular co-funding arrangement we have is going to assist us to getting there faster and to essentially probably employ somewhere between 10 and 20 extra people,” said Rossi CEO Myron Mann.

“Most of our competitors, if not all of them have actually moved offshore already.”

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