SA surface engineering conference underway

The Materials Innovation In Science Engineering (MISE) 2013 conference is underway at the University of SA Mawson lakes campus.

Surface engineering, described simply as “modification of a material’s surface to improve its performance,” covers a huge number of techniques and applications, in biomedical, defence and other sectors.

The Mawson Institute has collaborated with auto supplier SMR using surface engineering to create the world’s first all-plastic rearview mirror.

“Working with national and international companies, it is our focus to transition research from the laboratory into commercial product with all the associated benefits to the economy, including local jobs,” said Associate Professor Peter Murphy,  the group leader on the project.

Murphy said that the event was an excellent opportunity to display university collaborations with industry.

Dr Torsten Schmauder, a researcher working with Leybold Optics, also lauded the three-day conference.

“Conferences like the MISE are extremely important to get input on what will be needed by industry and what is being developed by UniSA and other Institutes,” he said in a statement.