SA government electrifies with new power plan

SA premier Jay Weatherill (News)

The South Australian government has announced that it will spend A$500m to build a government owned gas plant and battery storage farm to stabilise its energy supply and provide energy to industry, according to the ABC.

SA premier Jay Weatherill said that the plan will involve building, owning and operating a $360 million, 250-megawatt gas-fired plant to provide power grid stability and for emergency power needs. 

The government will also contract out the building and operation of the battery farm to a private battery manufacturer such as Tesla or a local consortium.

The battery farm will be funded by a $150m renewable technology fund. 

It could help solve the issue of storing its intermittent clean energy. SA currently has a target of 50 per cent renewable energy by 2020. 

“We think that a secure energy system should have multiple sources. It is a question of speed as well,” Weatherill said.

 “A battery could be delivered quickly, we are advised, but we want multiple sources of redundancy, if you like, in our electricity system so that we have got more service efficiency.”

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