Employer: Nestlé Australia Position: Fitter and Turner

Employer: Nestlé Australia

Position: Fitter and Turner

GLOBAL food giant Nestlé Oceania produces many well known food and beverage products which have been available in Australia and New Zealand since the 1880s.

The company’s candidate, Ryan Williams, is employed as an apprentice Maintenance Fitter and Turner as part of the apprentice training program on site at Nestlé Australia at Wahgunyah. This consists of on the job training as well as the above stated TAFE based training.

Ryan’s on the job responsibilities include support of the break down crew, (in the event of an assembly line short term break down). Ryan also works with high speed filling and packing equipment which utilises many different technologies, mechanical, hydraulics, pneumatics electrical and control.

By being rotated through all areas of the plant (as are other apprentices) Ryan has been given a wide range of different tasks to enable him to explore all elements of his trade.

Ryan has established a new base level of expectation for training on site due to his commitment to his trade, his level and understated demeanour and rapport within the trades group.

Ryan worked on many smaller projects orientated towards learning his trade. This included turning up shafts, fabricating diverters and installing equipment. With Ryan’s skill and competence this saved us considerable cost in not having to contract this out.

Ryan excelled in his training and his commitment to his trade has been recognised by his nomination for several awards and was selected out of over 400 apprentices to take out the 2008 inaugural National AiGTS apprentice of the year.