Rudd accused of not protecting industry with his ETS

Senator Ron Boswell has slammed Kevin Rudd's proposed Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) pointing to the high number of protected industries in the EU.

Senator Ron Boswell has slammed Kevin Rudd’s proposed Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) pointing to the high number of protected industries in the EU, asking ‘Does Rudd support European Commission’s policy on carbon leakage?’

“The Prime Minister should say whether he supports the European Commission’s recently stated position on carbon leakage which will cause serious damage to Australian jobs and industry,” said The Nationals’ Senator last week.

“While Kevin Rudd and Penny Wong play their political games, Europe is quietly stabbing us in the back with their sham ETS, effectively handing out up to 100% free permits across 164 industrial sectors and sub sectors.”

“Sectors and sub-sectors which, pursuant to Article 10a(13) of Directive 2003/87/EC, are deemed to be exposed to a significant risk of carbon leakage include:-

· Manufacture of leather clothes

· Manufacture of starches and starch products

· Manufacture of sugar

· Manufacture of other non-distilled fermented beverages

· Production of ethyl alcohol from fermented materials

· Manufacture of paper and paperboard

· Processing and preserving of fish and fish products

· Manufacture of crude oils and fats

· Manufacture of distilled potable alcoholic beverages

· Manufacture of wines

· Manufacture of workwear

· Manufacture of underwear

· Tanning and dressing of leather

· Manufacture of footwear

· Sawmilling and planing of wood; impregnation of wood

· Manufacture of pulp

· Manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations

· Manufacture of rubber tyres and tubes

· Manufacture of ceramic sanitary fixtures

· Manufacture of ceramic household and ornamental articles

· Manufacture of steel tubes

· Manufacture of fasteners, screw machine products, chain and springs

· Manufacture of pumps and compressors

· Manufacture of weapons and ammunition

· Building and repairing of ships

· Building and repairing of pleasure and sporting boats

· Manufacture of brooms and brushes

· Concentrated tomato puree and paste

· Milk and cream in solid forms

· Casein

· Lactose and lactose syrup

· Dry bakers’ yeast · Oxygen

· Finishing of textiles

· Manufacture of veneer sheets; manufacture of plywood, laminboard, particle board,

· fibre board and other panels and boards.”

Boswell points out that the original list includes the full range of mining sectors as well.

“This is just a sample of the industries which are being protected in the European ETS while their costs go up under the Australian ETS. It is easy to see who the losers will be.”

Senator Boswell said that there was an urgent need to focus on trade exposed enterprises at the smaller end of town.

“Big business has grabbed all the attention and the permits but what about the family run businesses? Europe is looking after their guys, why isn’t Australia showing the same concern for jobs and manufacturing and processing here at home? “

“Instead of posing with world leaders, Kevin Rudd should be working out how to save jobs in Australian manufacturing under his ETS.”

“The government needs to state what its position is on Europe’s ‘to save’ list and what action they will take to ensure Australian jobs and industry don’t suffer as a result,” he said.

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