ROH GM criticises Holden’s decision to import wheels

A local manufacturer of wheels has criticised Holden’s decision to import 12,000 wheels from the United States to keep up with unexpectedly high demand for its SS-V Redline car.

News Limited Network reports that the airfreight charges for the wheels is approximately $833 per vehicle.

Holden’s Elizabeth factory stopped sourcing wheels from ROH Australia in 2005, and of the remaining three companies making cars in Australia, only Toyota still sources from ROH, based in Woodville North, South Australia.

“Surely Australian taxpayers’ money should be spent in Australia,” general manager at ROH Australia Bill Davidson told News.

Davidson, commenting on requirements for the three car companies to source locally, said, ”It would help the economy if there were more local content in Australian-made cars.

“Toyota should be applauded for standing by its Australian suppliers and working with them to remain sustainable.”


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