Robot pick-up and replacement service

HEADLAND Machinery is offering a new service called the Robot Exchange Program, in which one of Headland’s ‘Robot Integrators’ pick-up an old and tired robot from the factory, and replace it with a suitable KUKA robot.

The Robot Exchange comes with a 5-year warranty on the robot itself and is packaged up into a monthly fee including parts, labour and retraining of the staff so there isn’t a strain on the immediate cash flow.

An integrator will identify the right KUKA robot to replace the existing model, and in many cases swap the robot over in just a few days.

Headland developed the program to alleviate the risks associated with using old robots in the factory, including breakdown and lack of spare parts, both of which cause expensive downtime.

If the robot is part of production that is worth $2,000 per hour or more, then a five- or six-week delay while spare parts are sourced could cost a typical Australian business up to half a million dollars in lost production, Headland estimates.

Headland suggests manufacturers using robots from the 1990s or older should take advantage of the program.

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