RMIT shows off new Advanced Manufacturing Precinct

RMIT’s new advanced manufacturing precinct is designed to reflect the shift towards a high-tech, high-skilled, highly collaborative industry, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

The precinct, designed by H2o Architects, demonstrates the move towards greater sustainability.

“There has been a prodigious shift; manufacturing will become more environmentally determined and compact, more white-collar, more technical,” said Mark O’Dwyer from H2o.

“Manufacturing is now smaller, quieter, more sustainable, comparable to an office set-up.”

The 3500 square metre “ideas hub” uses an old red brick foundry from the 1960s. “Basically, we took the roof off, put a box on top and created two floors of open space, supported by columns,” said O’Dwyer.                                                                

The architects believe that the precinct lives up to the idea that academic silos are unhelpful, and that manufacturing needs ideas to be shared freely.

“Even if individual courses are still taught traditionally, such as biomedicine, there are not separate schools … disciplines cross all boundaries,” O’Dwyer told the Herald.

“You can't afford to have manufacturing unrelated – there must be a cross-pollination of ideas, with people working together.”