Revel selects EvGateway as charging software provider


EvGateway will provide the software management solution for Revel’s Tritium-provided fast chargers, including network, monitoring, and support.

Electric mobility company Revel has selected EvGateway as its charging software provider after announcing plans to launch an all-electric rideshare service and build a network of universal EV fast-charging Superhubs in New York City. 

The Revel rideshare service is expected to launch in Manhattan with an initial fleet of 50 Teslas. Its first Superhub, located in Brooklyn, will open to the public this month. 

This Superhub will be the largest universal, public fast charging station in America, with 25 Tritium-provided RTM75 DC fast chargers. These public chargers will be available 24/7 and are the first RTM75 units to be installed in the US. 

EvGateway will monitor, manage and offer support services as part of its network solution. 

“Revel is excited to build out our Superhub network and launch our all-electric rideshare service in NYC with the help of industry-leading partners like EvGateway and Tritium,” Revel co-founder and COO Paul Suhey said. 

“Together, we’re working to transform the urban fast charging landscape and make it a no-brainer to go electric.” 

“Revel’s DC fast charging Superhub, in partnership with EvGateway and Tritium, is a ground-breaking initiative for New York City and the nation,” Tritium president Mike Calise said. 

“With Tritium’s RTM75 chargers, Revel deployed a modular and scalable charging solution to meet growing EV demand while electrifying the city’s rideshare and e-mobility options.” 

Revel’s Superhubs will help accelerate the electrification of New York City, a mission that EvGateway will help facilitate by offering user-friendly solutions for commercial and fleet charging.      

“The EvGateway software can be customised for every client and charging requirement,” EvGateway president Reddy Marri said. 

“To help facilitate the expansion of EV infrastructure, EvGateway offers solutions for any charging scenario (commercial, fleet, private, residential, employee, hotel, utility, parking lots, etc). 

Revel’s mission of advancing electrification closely aligns with EvGateway’s philosophy of helping to shape a zero-emissions future,” Marri said. 

CAPTION: EvGateway will provide the software management solution for Revel’s Tritium-provided fast chargers, including network, monitoring, and support. 

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