Rethink’s new Sawyer factory robot released for sale [VIDEO]

Boston-based collaborative robot company Rethink Robotics has announced that its second factory robot, Sawyer, is available for sale globally.

Announced in March, development on Sawyer began in 2013. The robot is a single-arm machine with compliant motion control and force sensors, making it safe to work alongside humans. It has a payload of 4 kg and a reach of 1,260 mm.

In a statement, the company said two early adopters of Sawyer were GE Lighting (see video below) and Steelcase in the US.

Sawyer, unlike Baxter, had been set for a worldwide release right from the beginning.

In an interview with Manufacturers’ Monthly in August, Dr Rodney Brooks, Rethink’s founder, predicted Sawyer would help speed up the global adoption of the already-popular collaborative robot category of automation.

“Baxter was not internationalised for manufacturing, but Sawyer [was] internationalised for every market on day one. And we’ve just – we’re going to be production-limited for quite a while,” he told Manufacturers’ Monthly.

“We’re going to move into a new era of volume with Sawyer.”

To read an interview from April with Rethink’s CMO Jim Lawton about Sawyer’s capabilities, click here.


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