Results emerging from graphene application in mining equipment

Advanced material company, First Graphene, has successfully demonstrated the application of its graphene products to improve the wear-life of mining equipment.

With a manufacturing base in Henderson in Western Australia, First Graphene has been working with a number of companies to enhance the performance of their mining services products through the application of its PureGRAPH products.

In the latest application, First Graphene has extended the wear-life of mining equipment with inclusion of PureGRAPH graphene into protective polymer linings. The rapid progress made with these polymer linings was enabled by the high consistency of PureGRAPH products and the ease of dispersion into the polymer resin.

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The company is expecting an acceleration in demand for supply of PureGRAPH products as manufacturers realise the improvements that graphene can offer.

Graphene, the two-dimensional carbon allotrope, is a versatile material with high heat and electricity conductivity, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including in improving the capabilities of lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors.

First Graphene is currently working with newGen Group on equipment used in the mining industry to improve polyurethane liners to protect them from excessive abrasion and increase their useful life.

The tests have demonstarted htta PureGRAPH product provides significantly increased flexural strength to the base polyurethane products. newGEn have now case a liner for a Sandvik reclaimer bucket using PureGRAPH 20.


First Graphene is also collaborating with FlexeGRAPH, a company based at a university in Canberra, to test the suitability of graphene as coolant in electrified systems such as batteries and high-performance computing and data centres.

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