Reports of Elizabeth forced redundancies not true: Holden

Holden has dismissed
reports of forced redundancies at its Elizabeth plant following poor sales of
the recently-rejigged Cruze vehicle.

week it was reported that as many as 500 redundancies were on the cards
Elizabeth by the end of the first quarter, with a Holden insider telling News
Corp that workers were told this at a meeting.

There was a rerate at the
factory, with production reduced from 335 vehicles a day from 310 a day, last
September. The car company sold under 55,000 Australian-made vehicles last
year, with Cruze sales particularly dismal (down by nearly a quarter to 18,550).

Holden denied the report of
the 500 forced redundancies, saying such a meeting never took place.

part of our manufacturing wind-down, we implemented a rerate of the factory in
September 2014. We are continuously monitoring sales volumes and ensuring that
our production plan matches supply with demand,” executive
director of corporate affairs George Svigos told late last week

decision has been made about when the production rate will change next, or what
the new production rates will be, however, we fully expect that a rerate will
occur sometime during 2015. As always, our employees and stakeholders will be
the first to know when any decision is made.”