Rent the Sorensen XFR 600-4 Power Supply From TechRentals

The Sorensen XFR 600-4 is designed to provide reliable power for research, product development, and other production test applications including electroplating, burn-in, magnet control, and Automated Test Equipment (ATE). This 600 V, 4 A dc power supply is ideal for high power applications where a wide range of adjustments are required for output voltages and currents.

The XFR 600-4 can be stacked in rack mounts without ventilation space between units due to its excellent thermal management. Constant voltage/current operation with automatic crossover and mode indication provides stable power for testing. Additionally, “soft switching” allows for greater reliability and efficiency by virtually eliminating switching transients, reducing heat generation, and decreasing stress on the switching transistors.

With an operating temperature of 0 to 50°C and storage temperature of -20°C to 70°C, the XFR 600-4 provides 2.8 kW of power. It is fitted with over-voltage and over-temperature protection and has the option of analogue programming. This piece of equipment comes with three operating modes including Standby, Remote, and Local, along with a simultaneous front panel display which previews output voltage, OVP, and current. The Sorensen XFR 600-4 is a dependable source of power for the successful execution of multiple production test applications.

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