Rent The Grant GR150-S5 Temperature Bath – NATA Certified From TechRentals

The NATA certified Grant GR150-S5 Temperature Bath is a water/oil bath and circulator for the calibration of temperature probes and analytical procedures.

This instrument has an easy to read digital temperature controller and display, as well as a dual-position bridge plate to ensure visibility of the thermostat whilst optimising bench space. Additional features of the GR150-S5 include audible and visual alarms, relay for switching external devices on/off, and a heater timer for early starts/late shutdowns.

The GR150-S5 has a stability of ±0.005ºC, uniformity of ±0.02ºC, and a display resolution of 0.1ºC. Also included with this unit is a timer function that enables reaction timing, a variable high temperature alarm setting, and a user calibration facility for optimum accuracy at the required operating temperature. The dimensions of the stainless steel tank are 300 mm wide x 150 mm deep x 150 mm high.

The GR150-S5 is suitable for applications requiring high precision temperature control in the range of ambient to 100ºC for water and up to 150ºC for silicon oil.

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