Remote monitoring solution

remote monitoring

Temporary power generation and temperature control specialists, Aggreko, have introduced Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM) to Australia.

ARM has been designed to improve productivity and reduce costly downtime for customers. It provides real-time asset monitoring and dedicated diagnostic support from technical experts, preventing issues, improving uptime and helping customers keep operations running at maximum efficiency.

An integral part of the ARM solution includes the company’s Remote Operations Centre (ROC) and technical support team. Based in New Iberia, Louisiana, the centre coordinates rapid response to ARM’s alarm notifications across the globe by evaluating equipment data and initiating the most efficient response. The ROC monitors thousands of critical equipment parameters while on site, including operations, loads, run hours, fuel levels and GPS location.

When equipment is outside certain parameters, alerts are sent to the Remote Operations Centre, enabling the team to diagnose and respond efficiently. Aggreko remotely fixes the issue with the site when possible, or dispatches a qualified technician if necessary.

The ARM mobile application is available now for devices using iOS and Android. ARM mobile application information can also be accessed through an online portal for customers who want to view equipment performance from their desktop or laptop.

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