Redundant Ford workers likely to get $100,000 each

The Ford workers who lose their jobs when the car manufacturer ceases production in Australia in 2016 are likely to receive an average of $100,000 each in redundancy and other entitlements.

As The Financial Review reports, production-line workers earning the average annual salary of $55,000 can expect to receive about $96,500 when they are made redundant. And trade employees earning the average salary of $67,000 would receive about $117,555.

On top of that, sick pay, annual leave and long service leave entitlements, and other factors would be added to the redundancy payments.

Given that the plant closures will have affects on car component manufacturing in the affected Broadmeadows and Geelong communities, the Federal government has pledged to support those areas with a $30 million assistance package.

The Victorian Government will add $9 million to that figure, while the Victorian opposition has pledged to match the Commonwealth’s $30 million.

Australian Manufacturing Workers Union assistant state secretary Leigh Diehm told the AFR,  “It might sound like a really good redundancy package – I certainly wouldn't say it's bad, it's appropriate…..What people will find is they will find it hard to get work.”

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