Reducing industrial hose reel handling injuries with ReelTech

Back and shoulder injuries are still the leading problems for mining workers according to the 2017 injury figures issued by WorkCover Queensland.  According to WorkCover Queensland’s 2017 report, there were 143 reported back injuries and 96 shoulder and upper arm injury cases. Workplace injuries not only affect the worker but also their family and corporation’s resource performance. The key challenge for Mining Corporations is finding safer solutions to minimise injuries.

Mining sector injury chart. courtesy of ReelTech
Stat image by Workcover Queensland

In the last decade, ReelTech team set out their focus to develop safer equipment to minimise hose handling injuries. Their quality and trusted galvanised PitBull reels with Direct Drive Technology (no chain sprocket) revolutionised the Mining Reel Industry. This patented technology eliminated the need for an external gearbox and produces a safer rewind speed. Their safer and integrated pneumatic and hydraulic rewind drive ensures safe pull force without the need for torque controls. This integrated gearbox technology is exclusive to ReelTech and they were engineered and made right here in Australia.

Ezi-Deploy by ReelTech
Ezi-Deploy by ReelTech

In another major safety design development, ReelTech has introduced their latest easy add on safety technology for Mining, the Ezi-DeployT. It’s a fully automatically declutching system with ‘drag free’ pull motion making it effortless to handle. No levers, buttons or electric to operate,  just pull and go! With smooth reel operation, it can minimise operator strain injuries and reduce excessive force that can prematurely damage equipment. This feature is critical for longer hose lengths and larger 1”, 1 ½”, and 2” hoses. This easy to add on accessory has become the most popular upgrade for Mining, Fire Fighting, Transport and General Industrial customers as ReelTech’s customers have experienced positive outcome to minimise their workers’ injury.

Optional safety accessories from ReelTech also include Long Range Wireless Remote Control – Reel-In-Control allowing for single user operation. The new accessory duo FlatWinder – Automatic Hose Layering Technology and Follow Me Hose Guide – Swiveling Hose Guide making ReelTech hose reel storage solution even safer and easier to handle and reduce hose jam and damage.

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