Redflow’s zinc bromine battery module outsourcing efforts on track

REDFLOW says it is continuing to outsource the manufacturing of its core zinc bromine battery module (ZBM) to US-based Jabil Circuit’s Asian facilities.

The outsourcing transition is on track to be completed in mid-2012. It will progressively increase supply of components and sub-assemblies to RedFlow.

The plastic-made components will be air freighted from the Asian manufacturing plants owned by Jabil Circuits, then integrated into RedFlow’s own production operations in Brisbane.

RedFlow says its production staff are working with their Jabil counterparts in Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia, as well as taking input from specialists in the US on product transfer.

The first component to be supplied under this transition is the core conductive plastic electrode. This is the heart of a ZBM, and one of the most exacting components in manufacturing precision.

RedFlow has already manufactured the first ZBM using electrodes from Jabil. It is now undergoing normal production testing.

RedFlow manufactures and sells electricity storage systems (ESS) based on its IP-protected zincbromine flowing electrolyte battery module (ZBM).

RedFlow’s 5kW/10kWh ZBM is light-weight, compact and with volume manufacturing, low cost compared to alternative batteries. RedFlow manufactures both ZBMs and ESSs at its Brisbane factory.