Redflow hopes to sign battery manufacturing deal

Australian battery storage developer RedFlow is planning to start manufacturing its unique zinc bromine flow batteries commercially within the next nine months.

Reneweconomy reports that the company hopes to soon sign a deal with a manufacturer.

According to RedFlow CEO Stuart Smith, the company is ready to produce a product for commercial applications and is now choosing a manufacturer from a shortlist. 

Smith added that Redflow would have a competitive advantage as it is the first to the market with a “modular flow battery”.

The company is hoping to tap into global demand for energy storage in the electric and hybrid vehicle markets, as well as for distributed energy and utility grid storage.

Redflow receiving government funding to develop its products, yet Smith says that there has been little commercial interest in the new technology from within this country.

 “It is certainly disappointing that an Australian company with locally developed know how with an opportunity to be a global leader has had to look offshore for its commercialisation when local opportunities exist,” he said.