Quitting manufacturing doesn’t stop Toyota from topping reputation index

Toyota’s popularity has not suffered following its
decision to end manufacturing in Australia, according to a survey of more than
12,000 Australians.

The Australian Financial Review reports that a
corporate reputation index by consultants AMR found Toyota in the number one

The polling took into accounts the views of 12,700
consumers of the 60 biggest (by revenue) “consumer-facing” companies.

AMR put Toyota’s ranking down to its transparency
around workforce reductions and being slow to shut its manufacturing in
Australia, and said its reputation had withstood difficult times.

“In some ways, it is a lesson for all organisations to invest in
building your reputation,” the consultancy’s managing director Oliver Freedman
told The AFR.

“You never know when you’re going to need to call on that and use it to
form an argument that the community believes.”

Toyota announced in February last year that it would stop making cars in
Australia by 2018. It was the last of the remaining car companies in Australia
to do so, following Ford and Holden.

Toyota had previously ranked number one in the Corporate Reputation Index in 2013.

Image: http://focus2move.com/